It is a process
one step at a time

Jill Trenholm PhD

I am a caring, creative and curious individual who has dedicated my working life to working with people in difficult circumstances. Life-long learning is an adage I live by. I have worked in the caring sciences as a nurse for 20 years in various capacities, predominantly with trauma, sexual assault and domestic violence. I have a PhD in Global Health from Uppsala University and continue to be an associated researcher there.

I have learned how essential it is to share my feelings and experiences with a trusted person in a supportive environment in order to understand myself and reach my full human potential.

As an individual with much life experience, I can offer clients a sacred space to explore their thoughts, feelings and reactions to life’s challenges, thereby gaining important insights. Becoming more aware of how we meet the world enables new possibilities that can potentially serve us better.

I am a graduate of the 4 year program for Gestalt Clinical Psychotherapists at the Gestalt Institute of Scandinavia in Denmark. I have come a long way on my own journey and I would be privileged to join you on yours.

I am a member of The Swedish Association for Gestalt Therapists
I am also a member of Gemenskap Gestalt Sverige and the College of Nurses of Ontario, Canada.