Heal, Restore and Nurture You

Are you always stressed? Do you sometimes feel lost? Is life becoming a struggle?
We all naturally seek meaning in our lives. Suffering and sadness or discontent is often the door inwards.
Many of our deeply held ingrained patterns were formed as children, as a means of gaining acceptance and/or survival. These survival strategies, however valuable at the time, may no longer serve us. In becoming aware of and working with ourselves, we can, over time, change how we meet the world. There is freedom in moving from survival mode to thriving as who you were meant to be.
A Gestalt therapist holds a safe space for their clients to explore life’s questions. What it is that holds you back?
Using Gestalt principles, we work with the “here and now”, taking responsibility for our actions and accepting “what is” with a focus on your own body’s unique wisdom.
The client-therapist relationship is built on trust and acceptance and serves as a steady foundation on the road to deeper self-discovery.
Unlocking one’s potential is a process, achieved through self-awareness or self- knowledge.
We can only change that which we acknowledge. There are no standard solutions to life’s crises, so the goal is for you to live your essence, your authentic self.


Gestalt therapy and coaching 1 hour individual 800 SEK, couples therapy 90 minutes for 1000 SEK, student/unemployed 550 SEK.
Swish payment or monthly billing by e-mail.

The goal of meditation is a state of mind where one is simply present with the here and now, minus the clutter and chaos of what is often referred to as the “monkey mind”, referring to one’s unrelenting stream of thoughts. There is now plenty of research that supports the benefits of meditation both for physical ailments as well as psychological distress. There are many ways to meditate and different styles appeal to different individual tastes. This is underscored in ancient Eastern wisdom in the statement that “there is no one way”.
Meditation is a practice that one can learn and as such requires repetition and dedication to honoring oneself in this way.
In meditation classes we will explore together the various styles of meditation and practice this important art of relaxation and self-discovery. Individuals or groups can partake of a single one hour class or a package of 3-5 classes over several weeks.


Meditation instruction varies depending upon how many classes, how many students...price is negotiable.


Reiki uses the universal life force energy, something we all have, to treat physical ailments as well as promote relaxation and a sense of well-being.
It is a complimentary therapy which is a gentle, safe, nonintrusive, hands-on technique.
A treatment takes about one hour and is usually carried out individually with the client lying comfortably on a massage table with a blanket over them. The client is fully clothed and the practitioners hands are placed in several positions on or over the body in a systematic fashion. No intimate areas of the body are involved and there is no massage, manipulation or pressure exerted.
Clients generally feel relaxed and peaceful, often falling asleep during the sessions.
It is also normal for clients to feel quite emotional as Reiki releases pent-up energy and long buried issues can re-surface. A Reiki treatment can be energising for some while others feel deeply relaxed.


1 hour Reiki treatment is 650 SEK.
Special price for Students, please contact me.

Swish payment or monthly billing by e-mail.